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Originally Posted by likid View Post
I'll try to explain this.

Green colour in Slovenia actually represent capital city Ljubljana and their main club Olimpija. In Slovenia everything is very Ljubljana oriented (all governmental institutions are in Ljubljana, people in Ljubljana earn app. 30 - 40% more than in other parts of Slovenia, we have huge unemployment rate in Slovenia, but in Ljubljana is very small, many better companies are moving from other Slovenian cities to Ljubljana because of special state benefits...). And because of that almost all Slovenians from other parts of Slovenia are alergic on Ljubljana.

With the green colour it is similar. As I already mention green colour is the colour of Ljubljana and their biggest sport club Olimpija. And it is not a secret that people, who were close to Olimpija, had heavilly influenced after our independence the decision that green should be our main national colour for our national teams in all sports.

But Hockey is special story. We have (had) only two serious teams. Jesenice and Olimpija. Main colour for Jesenice is red, and for Olimpija green. Jesenice were always our cornerstone of hockey, most Slovenin best hockey players in the past and also in current national team are from Jesenice and surraundings, Jesenice were mainly national champion in EX-Yugoslavia and because of that also the key people in Slovenian hockey were also from Jesenice. And they never allowed green colour for our hockey national team. This is the only Slovenian national team that never had green jerseys.

Also others our national teams in other sports are slowly following this path and now very few of them are staying in green jerseys. Main colours now are blue, white and a bit of green.
Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated.

Just came across this concept on fb with the green incorporated. It could work (not this specific design though, which is obviously 5 years behind the times), but I think the crest clashes and looks odd in its official colours against the blue and green backdrop. A simple recolouring using only blue, green, white and maybe gray, similar to the one on Latvia's jerseys might make it work though.

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