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02-20-2013, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by whiplash View Post
Seriously. It amazes me that anyone is still on the fence about/not a fan of Stevie. He's the definition of a blue collar player on the field and he has fun doing it. Who the hell cares what he says to the media? If he can put up 1000 yards for three years straight on this turd of a team, he's A-OK by any measure
Thats NOT the point. The point is he admitted he doesn't give his all. I don't care if you're a superstar, a little above average, average or a joke. To not give 100% is admit it, is even worse. Getting 1,000 isn't even that much of a big deal anymore. Ten years ago it was a rare feat. Now it's something that all the star recievers can do(and then some) It's kind of like QB's and passing yards. It used to be 3,000 was a good year. Now anything under 4,000 is pretty weak. He produces fine, but he's still a selfish bum. He could be replaceable with a better overall passing QB and drafting a WR or tw. He's not a number one like he wants to think. He's a #2 on a poor team who has become a number one because they ended up having a lack of options. TJ Graham with his speed has potential. We know what nelson can do. It's too bad Jones has been a disappointment. One man doesn't make a team, if only they were in a better overall position they could dump him if they so choose. Remember, the people who brought him in are pretty much gone now. Only Nix remains and I cant imagine he will be a long too much longer. Marrone seems like a no nonsense guy. I can't imagine going forward he would tolerate that BS no matter who you are. Good or not good, anyone not willing to give their all I support if they boot him.

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