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02-20-2013, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Foligno and Barnes View Post
I don't know if I'm a fan of taking a goalie in the first round, they seem tough to evaluate and it seems like so many starters around the league nowadays are guys that were drafted in the mid to late rounds or undrafted players from overseas, compared to not too long ago when it was quite common to draft goaltenders in the first round. Isn't Makarov looking quite decent as well?
Last year was a much better year to take a shot in the mid to late rounds.
This year, it looks pretty top heavy in the crease and then I haven't seen much I've liked.

Even if they're confident in Makarov, to put all of their eggs in the basket of one player is not smart.
They have four projects in the pipe and with their franchise goalie on a contract expiring in just about 16 months, it'd be nice to have someone that has a bit less risk to their projection.

Jakub Stepanek, a goalie I like that plays in the KHL, is also finally a free agent, so there's always that option too.
Another one I like who hasn't gotten picked up yet is Leonardo Genoni, but I didn't like his play or body language at the Spengler, so I doubt his stock has improved.

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