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Originally Posted by MJMazzarone View Post
Well I don't want to get in any sort of trouble for going off-topic with offering a proposal...I realize there is a main board for that. However seeing this and Stastny's name brought up I thought it could fit into the guidelines of things.

That said - Henrik Tallinder is the odd man out in NJ and to my knowledge recently said *basically* "play me or trade me". Not bad a bad d-man...just a victim of our depth in the position. Great mentor and could help fill the void that that the EJ left. (Not that I'm comparing Tallinder to EJ.)

Now, would that be all that's needed straight up? Tallinder for Stastny? Would you guys need a prospect? a pick? NJ needs a center with Carter and Zubrus out (Zubrus does play center for us at times) and I feel NJ has the pieces needed to grab someone like a Stastny. His family has a lot of history with the Devils, I would love to see him here and if that means for you guys to keep ROR then by all means.

Plus I would hate to see ROR on the Rangers. Haha.
We all would love for ROR to stay.

Still not gifting you Stastny for Tallinder. He could play a second pairing role but we are not trading Stastny for him.
Would need a 1st and ehm well now we've got a problem. Urbom?
I dislike Merrill. Matteau?

I realize that you now will say that Stazz is not worth it with his ugly contract and so on but the fact remains that he is still a pretty good player with a good reputation for whom you can make a crapload of excuses for him not living up to his contract right now.
They still are only excuses and it certainly has something to do with effort (he tends to be invisible in too many games) but I for one really believe that he will bounce back the minute he gets away from Sacco to any kind of offensive system that does not completely waste his playmaking skills and has a solid goalscoringwinger to feed for him for once
And his contract expires in 1.5 years.

So I just don't see how we can sell any of our guys for cheap.
I believe that even if they somehow "mend fences" with ROR and sign a contract with him that he will either not see the end of the contract with the Avs or that he will immediately walk away the moment the new contract expires (if he does hit UFA at this point).

I believe ( or better hope) teams will have a great shot at Stastny with or without ROR on the team in the summer if he does not re-sign (paycut!) I just really don't see us selling 2 of our 3 "potential #1 C" (esp.for below market value or atleast below what they would be worth to the Avs).

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