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02-20-2013, 12:28 AM
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il chime in and try and be somewhat neutral

i think the positives and negatives to antros game are obvious enough and have been beat to death, so no point in re hashing them

i personally feel that antro wont be in the plans for the team going forward. i think hes a decent player who can fill a role but maybe not fitting the direction this team appears to be headed

hes a little different than guys theyve recently signed. in fact all he has in common with them is size. we seem to be going after bigger players that can also skate well, crash and bang in the corners, and play decent defensively. not a personal shot at antro, but he would be considered a pretty "soft" player especially for his size.

the other reason i dont see him in the plans is the pricetag. obviously if we were to resign him it would have to be at a much lower salary. add to that he's fairly expendable... there are much younger/cheaper players that surely can match antropovs point production. especially if they were given the opportunity to play on the top line like hes been given.

im sorry a lot of that sounds negative, i actually like the guy. i think he'd be a good fit on an upper-tier team that could use a good cycling forward on the third line. he could also be that for us, but since we are a young team building for the future, i just dont see the need for his type of contributions at the moment. id much rather be investing this time in someone who can hopefully grow into that role (or better) and contribute for years to come.

i wouldnt be upset if they resigned him, but certainly wouldnt be sad to see him go either

in response to the original post... i dont see his speed as a liability. kane/burmi more than make up for him on that line in terms of speed. its not like hes on a line with 2 slugs

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