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02-20-2013, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Swedish GP View Post
The baseless comment was regarding the smugness of her original comment regarding peoples knowledge of hockey as if they are the definitive hockey reference.
That's your interpretation of it. Just like your opinion, you're entitled to have it but it doesn't mean you're accurate.

Originally Posted by Swedish GP View Post
I wasnt asking for respect, people that get all up tight and loose it over someones opinion are the ones that crave that here. Respect me or not I engaged you didnt I? Sorry if people cant handle average conversation without having to puff their typing chests over the internet. Ive been reading this forum for 4 years so I know by calling someone out thats been around was going to rile some feathers. Anyways arent you tired of it? Tired of the same results with these guys? Im over it, Ive been a huge supporter for years and thought these guys were gonna do it, I can no longer support Marleau, Havlat or Clowe simple as that and no I dont need a deep 2 paragraph breakdown of why. That doesnt mean I dont know hockey or know this team intimately.
Sounds like you got tight over someone's opinion in this thread so you obviously are craving it to some extent yourself. Another hypocritical stance you're taking here.

If you thought these guys were going to do it, your expectations were too high in the first place. Where did they finish last year and what has changed? They'd have to be lucky to win the Cup.

And it's great that you may no longer support some of these players and want to express that opinion, people may want to know why. While it doesn't prove you don't know hockey or the team, you're not going to convince anyone that you are anything more than someone playing the water works over the team when you fail to back up anything you're saying with anything substantial. Generally, that's how adult conversations go.

My suggestion to you is that if you're over it and don't want to actually converse about it, follow another team or visit a forum where complaining about the Sharks with baseless comments is more acceptable.

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