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02-20-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
Good points fellas. And I can't say I really disagree with anything. Like I said, not saying we need to trade him, just saying it could be worth kicking tires to see if anyone will give something that WILL make it worth pulling the trigger. If nothing is available or offered, fine. The point isn't to get rid of Eriksson. The point is that he is someone teams could back up the truck for. And when you look up and down the lineup, hes the one guy approaching the area of 30 that would bring in anything substantial. Everyone else is either Kari, under 25, or not worth a lot on the market.

I'd argue that getting a couple good young players (whether defensemen or forwards) wouldn't necessarily be a lateral move though. Not if we get two high caliber players in return who are younger. But that's an IF - which is basically what this is based on.
Well, I believe my original point still stands, that right now we don't know enough about our youngest players to trade away a player as good as Eriksson. Kicking the tires may be viable at some point in time but I feel strongly that now is not that time, and I don't think a good case can be (or has been) made to the contrary.

The other thing that I'm not sure I saw anybody mention yet (didn't read every post in the thread) is that Loui signed the best contract extension of any Stars player in recent memory. Regardless of when he signed the extension relative to his success, he gave up the most prime of free agency years (27-32) with that extension; it was a sweet deal then and it's a sweeter deal now. You only trade a guy who made that kind of commitment to the organization if somebody comes to you and absolutely blows you away with an offer. You don't shop him now.

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