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02-20-2013, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
i think lester patrick must be considered a better coach than ivan, and i think a good argument could be made that patrick was the best coach in history, but i think he was also a lot more strict and demanding than ivan.

i don't want to say lafleur was uncoachable, but fairly close to it. bowman let lafleur improvise and play his own free flowing game. early in lafleur's career (lafleur started as C), he tried to adapt his game to his linemates, but that was not very successful. under a more rigid, defensive minded coach, lafleur was unhappy and struggled. lafleur was very hard working and dedicated to hockey, but he was also not the most disciplined player off the ice.

if lafleur is not at his best, neither will his team be.

i can't say patrick would be too restrictive for lafleur, but i did not want to take the risk.

some of this also applies to harry cameron, who was famously undisciplined off the ice.
After reading TDMM's bio on Lester Patrick from last year, he's not as big of a player's coach as I had thought. Given your team circumstances I think your choice is understandable, with the bolded as a good explanation.

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