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02-20-2013, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
I never said he was great defensively. Are you even reading my comments or are you just assuming what they say? My point is he can PK and has a projectable skillset defensively and is no liability as of now (Schroeder may not be either but it's not debatable he's been sheltered from the other teams best). I'm not acting like he's some kind of great defensive forward, but in the least he should be able to become a quality/elite checker if the offense doesn't come (and i don't think Schroeders skillset offers the same chance of defensive development).

How is defense his only advantage? Tell me how by following their pro careers you would give the offensive advantage to Schroeder? I could see arguing it's equal or a matter of opinion in favour of Schroeder, but it certainly isn't definitive. I already posted the stats and we can see that statisically speaking Paajarvi has had the advantage career wise. Size isn't an advantage in your world either?

Schroeder was your second line center over offensive powerhouses Maholtra and Laperrier, that's nothing special. Ebbet is the next best option, it would be pretty pathetic if he wasn't an option for your team while Kesler was out. He's a depth player on a team lacking center depth, he's been given a good winger in Raymond, so basically he's been put in a position to succed. I'm not saying he hasn't done his job, i'm saying given his skill set he shouldn't project to be as good IMO going forward (what's so hard to understand?).
It's funny that you keep saying he is a depth player. But anyone who has watched knows he has nailed down a spot full time.

And actually, Kesler and Booth are back now, so if he was a depth player, wouldn't he be sent down? Instead of waiving Ebbett so we could keep him like we did.

And actually he wasn't he was given many responsibilities, Dzone starts and we don't shelter players (aside from when we did with Cody) We just roll the lines, you can say whatever you think you know, even though it is clear you haven't watched. But he hasn't been sheltered and he ahs earned his spot on this roster.

Paajarvi has the size advantage, and perhaps even an edge defensively, the speed is the same (although I think Schroeder is more agile and elusive) Offensively I would make the case for Schroeder, he has a high offensive IQ and makes pin point saucer passess in under a nano second. Has a nose for the net and makes the players he is with better, also has a nice wrist shot.

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