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02-20-2013, 02:33 AM
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thatīs misleading, Faterson. If you wanna get this package for €2,5 you gotta take Orange Fiber TV package (phone line, 60 TV channels + hi-speed internet) for €19.99 first. Thats 22,50/month. Iīd give up my kidney for such a deal, sadly Fiber TV isnt avalaible in my place, so if you say "anyone here can get yadada" you are wrong, unfortuantely.

f.e. combo of Telekomīs phone line + dsl net costs me €39,90/month, + another €9,99 for the lousy Digi TV that doesnt even offer Sport 2. Then from time to time you fall into trap like me subscribing "monthly pass" for 5,80 that basically offered one watchable stream (vs Severstal) during that month.

I think about Magio TV replacing Digi TV but knowing the situation at our market, and knowing my luck in that dpt, as soon as I remove DigiTV with Magio, KHL signs new TV deal with a Co. that will be not offered by my new provider. Most of cable TV operators pushing you into agreeing free installation in exchange for signing 2years contract, so you might easily end up with no KHL hockey with 2 years contract left with a new cable operator.

Edit: maybe I should also mention that I wrote to DigiTV and asked whether they plan to offer Sport2 and DajtoTV and got vague reply that they are in negotiations and they will be able to offer thsoe channels soon blah blah. Already lost any hope they really negotiate about anything, imo they dont give a puck about it and are just time wasting. Which would be fair had they told me right at the beginning, so I would have enough time to adapt myself, eventually change operator but these peeps made it sound like itīs gonna happen soon.

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