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02-20-2013, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by avsfan89 View Post
do you think Siemens makes it over Elliot? I kind of want to trade Hejda but he just signed here two years ago so it would be a rude gesture to future FA's if we traded him so fast.
The reason I put Siemens there is because I do actually think that Avs management is realizing that this team may not be ready to compete for a playoff spot. If at the very least and probably with a little truth, because of our defense. I think they realize that bringing in a guy like Zannon was a mistake, and that it's going to be time to focus on our defensive youth. Much like we did with our forward group. I mean look what they are doing now with having both Elliott & Barrie in the lineup. (I wasn't actually sure we would see them both dressed at the same time, at least this early.)

Hejda, Barrie, Elliott, O'Brien, O'Byrne, Hunwick, and Zannon is still 7 defenders. They are actually playing Elliott as well which tells me they are focused on evaluating our youth.

With that sentiment, I think there is a high chance Siemens makes the team unless Elliott really decides to wake up. With an offensive defender brought in, Barrie, Wilson and EJ in the lineup. There will be more of a need for the type of tough defense first play Siemens brings. Siemens is also a good skater, which helps because we need our defenders to be mobile. I'm not sure anyone expected Zannon to be as bad as he has been. I think he was suppose to be a more mobile stay at home at 5'11.

Personally I think Hunwick sticks around as well, because he has the organizations respect for working hard and not complaining about being scratched. O'Brien should be kept as backup in-case Siemens really isn't ready.

So yeah I think next year we carry 8 D again : (I'll use Yandle as an example because hes my favorite, plug your favorite in.)

Yandle - EJ

Hejda - Barrie

Siemens - Wilson <--- that's actually quite scary when you think about how mean and mobile both of them are.

O'Brien - Hunwick

It's really... really crazy how much better that looks than what we started with this year.

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