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02-20-2013, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by slammer View Post
When is the Trade-Deadline this year?

so, for me, there are those players i would like to see becoming Devils...and who are, I BELIEVE, available to trade...

1) Setoguchi. Like him. Top6 RW. lost in Minnesota, would find his wheels again with Henrique or Zajac as center and would learn to play D in NJ as Kovi did, too...should become a pretty complete player then

2) Weiss. Good Center, should be available. should boost our bottom 6.

3) St. Louis would really be nice, but i dont see him leave TB

4) Matt D'Agostini, good RW to play bottom 6. has potential to play top 6 IMO.

5) Logan Couture. perfect C. but i dont see him leave SJ.

and, for me, i think to get them, we can trade Tallinder, maybe Barch and Pick(s)
Love your enthusiasm but we have to be realistic here. Half the guys I like, the other are a bit unrealistic. Barch has no trade value.

NJD is in a bit of a tough spot for dealing. 1st round picks are practically untouchable for the next two drafts. Sure, you could trade one but then the other one has to be forfeited. On the roster, aside from Tallinder, not much to trade and unless the league gets desperate, I don't expect him to net them a top 6 fwd. All you have left are prospects who haven't proved they can play in the show (JJ, Tedenby and all the Junior/College Dmen). Not much there in terms of value unless a bottom feeder team bites on an unproven package deal.

I think the idea of bringing in a viable top 6 player who isn't a rental(even that's very iffy)/old vet (who isn't the face of their org and wouldn't command a king's ransom for his name alone)/underachiever is a pipe dream. I've seen Lou do miracles but this might not be the year for one.

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