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02-20-2013, 06:56 AM
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Note to self - Cease attempts at being vague/cryptic.

Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
M4B - I am not sure to what you are referring here. Is BSC somehow going to get involved with the coyotes and the CoG?
Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
LeFevre seems like a perfect tire kicker for Glendale.
To clarify, this is a rumor. Clark, on her Unfiltered page, made a reference to Beacon Sports Capital yesterday and the speculation was that Skeete and the City have enlisted BSC to be the "Negotiator" with potential tire kickers.

Originally Posted by XX View Post
If their website is to be believed, they already are
XX - That should be "were". However, what's confusing to me is... She mentioned the current BSC involvement as "rumored" but also mentioned that BSC was also rumored to be "involved" of the Coyotes/Moyes Bankruptcy. IIRC, their involvement was pre-Bankruptcy, hence the "were". But also, wasn't Moyes attorney given permission to grill Reinsdorf and Kaites about their attachments to Beasley, BSC, and Michael Reinsdorf's IFG? Didn't he contend there was collusion?

So the "were" involved, XX, comes from the Coyotes finances study done pre-Bankruptcy by BSC and why it's on their site under, uh, accomplishments.

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