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02-20-2013, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Cant tell if sarcasm or not...
Not sarcastic. You're talking about redoing subways to cut down on time or something and I understand the words and all that, but not how that correlates to people and then you're talking about tiles and some other mumbo jumbo that confuses me and so on and so on. I do wish you luck though. Seems like you're having a good time.

I used to play Zoo Tycoon, if that is anything like what you're doing. I remember normal zoo tycoon, then there was a dinosaur one that was so amazing. I remember I'd work super hard to get my visitor numbers up to a certain point, like a few hundred thousand a day or something, then I'd build a cage wall to cut off the entrance to the park and then "accidentally" delete a fence on the T-rex exhibit. Aww lawdy lawdy, call me a sadistic ***** or something, but it was hilarious.

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