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02-20-2013, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Lee is a little better defensively than Bergeron,that's why he gets the edge, not becaue of overall play.
And our game is made by offense, our D is soild, not great but solid, but our forwards don't mind to play D.
I would put our D something between 15 and 20.
But even our D is a offensive D, we have only on true stay-at-home D in Aulie, the rest are TWD which lean more towards playing offensively or in case of Carle a OD.

It's all about how the team is structured. It's more likely this team scores 8 goals in a game than shut the opposite down.
You get what I mean?
I understand that which just further proves how bad MAB is. A offensive defenceman that doesn't fit into an offensive team system where they would rather have Lee in the line-up says a lot about that player.

I don't want to touch MAB with a 50 foot pole. Especially with how we're playing now. The last thing we need is a huge defensive liability.

Originally Posted by Rschmitz View Post
Our defense is actually very formidable, but I see what your saying, from a purely statistical standpoint there isn't much argument. I know its cliche, but you'd have to watch the games to see why we've given up the goals we have. When you score a lot you tend to get scored on a lot, its just the nature of the beast, wouldn't you agree?
I do agree but see my reasoning above.

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