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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Again, you say that like it's just that easy to do. This team has been trying to find a real PMD for 10 years. There have been PLENTY of times that we thought we had one. Gilroy. Sanguinetti. Pock. Tyutin. Staal. Girardi. Redden. Ozolinsh. Rachunek. And on, and on, and on. Guys like MDZ are significantly harder to acquire than guys like RO'R. The ONLY way to think that would be a good trade is if you assume that O'Reilly actually becomes a 65-75 point first line center (and I've seen nothing--at ANY level--that makes me think he has that potential) AND you assume that Del Zotto gets no better than he is today (a silly assumption to make, since he's been steadily improving since he entered the league).

I understand your concerns about center depth. I really do. That said, if the price for O'Reilly is MDZ, we should be shopping elsewhere. 90-100 forwards regularly put up 50+ points per year. There is no need to pay out the nose for THIS one just because he happens to be the flavor of the month.
This isn't about points.

This isn't a vacuum. There are many variables at play.

You haven't "seen at any level"? How often have you seen O'Reilly play. Because from what I have seen and what experts around the league have seen, he's a future Selke contender and a #1-#2 center.

Flavor of the month it is not. More a case of these players don't become available often, and certainly not at his age as RFA.

I never "assumed Del Zotto won't get better". Those are your words. Del Zotto is going to get paid. 5+ per. McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi will always be more important. You don't pay a #4-#5 defenseman 5+ million per under a 64 million cap limit.

Richards will be 34 years old, with six years remaining at 6.6 per, after the 13-14 season. Right when the Rangers need to decide who to use the last compliance buy out on. At that point, with that contract, at that age, with a significantly lower cap ceiling, there's no trade value. He will have played 4 of his 9 year contract. Buy out.

If that happens, there is zero depth down the middle.

However, within two-three years, the Rangers organizational depth on defense will pay off. McIlrath, Skjei, Noreau.

The Rangers haven't had a "PMD". Del Zotto isn't that PMD either. He lacks the foot speed and consistency. He hasn't improved the transition. He doesn't carry the puck. He doesn't change the tempo of the game. He doesn't impact the game in the way we need a PMD. The Power Play hasn't improved and he's been a part of that.

Will he become a "better" player. Yes. No question. But unless he grows rockets in his skates he isn't going to be the kind of player we have continued to lack, even with him on the ice.

Tyson Barrie who is about the same age, one year younger (21), is more cost controlled, has the skating, vision, and passing to become that kind of player if Del Zotto is dealt for O'Reilly. IF. And that's what this whole thread is, rhetoric.

Cody Ceci up in Ottawa, is another one we could target in a separate deal.

But that's besides the point. The point is there are many factors at play here. Its not cut and dry.

There are reasons for and against.

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