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02-20-2013, 08:35 AM
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The new CBA has

9. “Cap Advantage Recapture”
For all existing SPCs with terms in excess of six (6) *years *(“long-term *contracts”), *a “Cap*Advantage * Recapture” *provision *will *become *applicable. * Specifically, *for *years *in which *the *Player *under *a *long-term contract is no longer playing in the League by reason of retirement, “defection” *from *the *NHL or otherwise (such that he is not playing and is not receiving Salary pursuant to the terms of his *SPC), *any *“Cap *Advantage” *that *may *have *been *gained by *a *Club *during *the *time *the *Player *was playing in the League *under *his *SPC *(defined *as the *amount *by *which *a *Player’s *actual *cash *compensation exceeds his *full *Averaged *Amount (“AA”)), *both *annually *and *in *the *aggregate, *will *be * “Recaptured,” *and *charged *against *the Club’s *Upper *Limit *from *year-to-year in equal amounts over the *remaining *term *of *the Player’s SPC.

If the contract in question is ever traded or assigned to one or more other Clubs in the League, each Club *will *be *subject *to *being *charged *with *any *and *all *“Cap *Advantage” *amounts *it receives while being obligated pursuant the contract.

The *“Cap *Advantage *Recapture” *provision *will *not apply *to *“Cap *Advantage” *amounts *a Club may *have gained prior *to *trading *a *Player’s *contract, where such trade occurred before the execution of the new Agreement (including any binding MOU).

On a “bona fide” mid-season retirement, the Cap Advantage Recapture charge shall begin accruing
in the following League Year. The parties shall discuss the treatment of a Cap Advantage
Recapture charge in the case of a retirement “orchestrated” *for *the *sole *purpose *of *delaying the cap charge to the following year.

Richards contract comes into play here.

Compliance buyout gets Richards off the books. The Rangers don't take a cap hit. No worries about future cap hits. You can put your head on the pillow at night and not worry.

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