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02-20-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
yeah, i dont really get the idea that chevy gets a free pass to do nothing but draft for the next however many years.....

we have a bunch of second/third round picks this year, but what are the odds that even one of them becomes an NHL player, never mind a good NHL player?.....pretty low.

I agree that we need to establish a good drafting record, but that can not be the only way forward....that is a very long term strategy and is more about establishing a culture for the long do we wait until it is acceptable to believe that chevy should be trying to make the team better for the current season and not some distant future year?.....can we not expect that he do both?

i also dont buy that he has nothing to trade....i believe that enstrom and kane, both good players could be traded for more than their value to the team.....chevy has options to make the team better.....if he wanted to.

in a year and a half, he hasn't instilled me with confidence......his player acquisition is generally taking fliers on waiver players, hoping something sticks....i have HUGE doubt that scheifele will ever be a top 6 player in the NHL.....i just don't see what skill set he has to make him that.....we signed a goalie who let in the most goals in the NHL last season (191 - 30 more goals than the 4th worst goalie to put it in perspective) to a long term, high value contract....his back up is practically the only goalie in the league who had worse statistics last season.

in my opinion they need a 35 year old hard nosed, north american player to run the dressing room......they simply do not have that...its a problem.

i'm not willing to call for his head just yet...and the sky isn't falling, but personally, I don't believe its too early to begin formulating an opinion on his body of work....if this team ends up tanking by the end of the year, i will expect some major moves.

Re; first statement in bold - Chevy has stated 10 if not 20 times publicly this year alone that he is looking and open to improving the team both today and in the future. He has also said he would be willing to trade those draft picks for players if the deal is right. This isn't a video game where you can just submit trades until they happen. Nor is it a fantasy hockey pool where you can just make moves. You're on the same song and dance you were last season when you were saying the same things, yet there were very little to no trades made league-wide that were worth much of a sniff. Same goes for this year.

Re; second statement in bold - Agree with you, 100%. If we don't see some consistent, positive turn around here from the core we currently have, then I will surely be hoping Chevy either lands us a real good UFA to fill a hole and/or makes a good hockey trade to change things up.

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