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02-20-2013, 08:44 AM
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Does Tortorella's act wear on the players?

I like Torts (mostly because I did not like Renney), and I think he and Hank were the two people most directly responsible for our playoff run last year. That said, you have to wonder if Tortorella's manic act behind the bench (and in post game press conferences, and probably in the locker room, and possibly at practices) doesn't have a negative effect on the team at times.

Thanks partially to Torts, much of this team has been through playoff wars and come out on top, and should not get rattled in regular season games. I know it's a shortened season, everything is magnified regular-season-wise this year, etc., but it's still the regular season. These games are blips on the radar screen compared to the pressure the team faced in games six and seven against Ottawa and Washington, and game six against New Jersey.

But, that said, this team all too often plays like it's scared to death of making a mistake. In recent games like the game at Boston and the home game vs Long Island, when things started going against them they should have been able to draw on their big game experience and at least attempted to right the ship...but instead they soiled their pants and could not do anything right.

Then last night....jeez. Simply keeping the puck on their stick while the game was on the line was a challenge. Swings and misses, fumbling the puck right out of the zone on the late power play, being unable to even keep possession under minimal pressure...seemed like they were afraid to do anything wrong...or right.

Disclaimer....I like Tortorella, I am not calling for him to be removed, I think his intensity will serve the team well in the playoffs again, assuming we make them...I just wonder if he doesn't wear his players out at times.

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