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02-20-2013, 08:46 AM
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Who has impressed you the most?
Tough to choose between Gallagher and Galchenyuk. Gallagher I think is more impressive, but for Galchenyuk to come in playing the most challenging forward position like he has at eighteen deserves accolades. Diaz and Emelin also deserve a nod - both are playing like veterans despite it being only their second year.

Who has been disappointing?
Cole, Armstrong and Moen. Cole just seems disinterested at times. I know if takes him a while to get going but he needs to start getting involved more. Moen is doing his thing, but I think it's clear he's lost a step or two in the off-season. Armstrong is doing well as a utility forward with PK ability, but he's not being the agitator/sandpaper we need from him.

What do you guys think about MT's job so far?
Tough to quantify how much of the change is the healthy roster (at one point in time last season the defense consisted of Gorges, Subban and four rookies), how much is certain players playing better and how much is the coach. I really like what MT is doing with line management - he's rolling four a lot more than Martin/Cunneyworth did last season (perhaps a nod to the fact that with so many games in such a short time frame the team needs to spread itself around a bit more. I also like how he's handled Gallagher and Galchenyuk - they don't always get as much ice time as they deserve, but he is careful to give them good minutes against weaker opponents when he is able. I think this has been so critical to their positive impact on the team - Galchenyuk especially has top-drawer skills and can do things with the puck we haven't seen since Kovalev and haven't seen consistently since Lafleur or longer. He can't do it all the time and he's still learning how to do it against NHL defense but by letting him cut his teeth against second-tier defenders he's writing a recipe for long term success.

What Has Been Your Favorite Moment Of The Season So Far?
Tough one. Prust's goal the other night (from Patches and Galchenyuk) was pretty magical. Subban's hits from that game too - it's good to see him getting that aspect of his game going. No one thing stands out, but there's been lots of little moments.

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