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02-20-2013, 08:51 AM
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I think most people that have played organized hockey at a higher level and/or enjoy watching a game with a reasonable skillset have been thinking along these lines:

"I really cannot stand the way this team is playing, it is boring to watch, it is counteroffensive, it is Neanderthalesque and mindnumbing to be honest." But due to the success on the scoreboard (at least last year) and the blind love for The Rangers franchise however they play as along with it as long as they win games. I readily admit I have been weak enough to count myself as a bandwagoner that can counted into this category. It is hard to counter an ECF birth - even though you think "Is this really fun to watch" - because it in the End is great to see The Rangers WIN!

People have been accepting the system and the "style it employs" as long as it gives reasonable results. It just works that way.

But this non-coaching, "who needs a power play?", dump and chase (at every given opportunity), constant grinding along the boardplay, 6 goaltender defensive system (all vehemently directed from the coach as being "play with Jam a la Torts style") will wear pretty thin on most people very fast if there are no results to match the sacrifice one has to make to watch this ghastly style of destructive hockey the Rangers are now playing.

I think that therefore, along with the arrogance, attitude and the antics, the fall and demise of John Tortorella will go extremely fast once things go into that direction. People (players, fans & media) put up with anything as long as they win games. The educated mind will however not stand for such dismal results and hockey on a team this full of both acquired & homegrown hockey talent for very long.

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