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02-20-2013, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
My concern centers around puck retrieval, when I've watched MDZ there was too many times where he stayed around the net instead of racing into the corner to steal the puck before the opposition forwards could get to it. Which I get, you don't wanna get caught out off position, but a smoother skater wouldn't have to worry about that and that's what I want from an EJ partner. I'm actually fine with him not being a puck rusher, EJ's great at that when he's free to do so, but getting to the puck and getting it out of the zone is something very important in an EJ partner, and is an area I'm not sold on MDZ with, which is why I prefer a deal around Kulikov.
I'd rather Kulikov as well, but I wonder how much of MDZ's reluctance is Torts. If MDZ gets caught out of position a few times he is going to have his minutes cut or sent back to the minors like he was a couple of seasons ago.

Of all the things to be worried about with MDZ, skating is one of the least IMO. His skating will get better (if not it is good enough), and he would be paired with a good skater here. I'm more worried about him clearing up the lapses in judgement that he gets from time to time. There are moments where you wonder what he was thinking or doing, not nearly as many as a few years ago, but they are still there. That said, MDZ would be a great addition to this team and a good partner for EJ IMO.

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