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02-20-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
No, they beat Latvia, who in turn was relegated.

And actually Germany has been pretty good the last 4 years. Last year's WC knocked them out of the top 9 automatic qualifying spots though which was their one bad year. Unfortunately for them, that one counted the most in the rankings.

I'm not sure why the absence of Germany would no longer make it "best-on-best" though. Austria beat them fair and square (well, tied them after regulation anyway which was all they needed, since Germany lost to Italy).

The idea that Germany deserves to be at the Olympics based on the talent they have produced is just silly. Might as well not even play any hockey then, and award all championships based on who has the best team on paper.
What I was getting at was we are apparently going to be seeing the talented and mighty hockey nation of Austrian playing in the Olympic tourney. In a World Cup / Canada Cup format, no way does a country like Austria get invited to particpated over Germany. Not in a 100 years. Why, becuase Austria doesn't produce the pro's that Germany does.

For the record, I actually love the Olympic tourney. I thought the 2010 Oly's produced the best overall tournament of hockey in history. I watched just about every game, It didn't matter if it was Latvia vs Kazaksthan (or whatever)...the rules and the ice size made for really entertaining hockey. I was just being a bit of a devils advocate when I made those remarks.

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