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02-20-2013, 10:00 AM
Damnit, Jian Yang!
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Posted this a couple of pages back TPS, but didn't want you to miss it, your response would be interesting on this matter.

A Bruins fan on the Trade Board pointed me in the direction of a Twitter ran by a Mr. Dominic Tiano, who apparently does the following, according to his Twitter Bio: "Cover the OHL's draft eligible players for the NHL Draft for OHL Writers and In the O Radio", here's some of his Tweets on the matter.

Dominic Tiano ‏@dominictiano
There's an unsigned RFA who was back home in Clinton Ont., hasn't asked for a trade, but said would " like to one day play for the #Bruins "
Dominic Tiano ‏@dominictiano
Feel like I need to clarify my tweet on "Ryan O'Rielly" from other day but will only say: He was back home in Clinton practicing w/ ...(1/2)
Dominic Tiano ‏@dominictiano
...Junior C team and was behind the bench for a game Friday night. He has NOT asked for a trade.
What I find interesting is supposedly the Bruins are the team that he'd "like to play for one day" as stated in the above Tweet. So again, something that apparently got overlooked. This Dom gentleman is to the Bruins board what you are for us....if you just want to respond w/ a simple "Yes" or "No" that'd be fine as well


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