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02-20-2013, 10:01 AM
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Miiverse is a great idea, and I think it has tons of potential as a social platform for games and gaming series communities. And the things people can draw are just incredible.

With that being said, you can really see the average age of a good portion of the community by their posts. I really wish there was a way to separate the discussions between different age groups. Miiverse is quickly turning into a never ending cycle of 10 year old kids posting things such as "yeah if you love zelda!!" and "if you own a wii u, yeah this post!" or my personal favorite "if I get 100 yeahs, I'll do a song!!"

Of course, I understand it is Nintendo, and a good chunk of the market are kids. But it would still be nice if Nintendo did something for this. Maybe create a community for the more mature gamers?

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