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02-20-2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Habaddict View Post
The reason I'm still posting about this is because there a conventional
wisdom that small players are more vulnerable to injury. I do not believe
that is true.
You don't get to see much of the effect at the NHL level, because the few small guys that actually make it... deserve it. Natural selection occurs at the level before lucrative contracts are offered to players, and the real costly process of asset selection/development begins - i.e. at the junior level.

Look back (it won't take many years, I promise you) at the top 20 scorers from the QMJHL, OHL, and WHL, separate them into groups based on their height, tell me where they went after junior, and see what trends you find. I've been following hockey a loooong time, so I've looked back at this many times before. You'll find, almost without exception, that the talented small guys (who continued to play past junior) have moved onto leagues (often European) where the physical demand isn't nearly as great - and thus there's lower risk/chance of injury.

Now, they didn't get injured and THEN pursue hockey dreams outside the NHL. They get weeded out before that level if it's ascertained that it'd be a physical liability (and a risk to the player's health) putting him on NHL ice. So, again, it isn't about looking at the few small guys who HAVE made it to draw conclusions, it's about looking at the thousands upon thousands who HAVEN'T - often despite truly gaudy junior numbers and/or offensive talent.

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