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02-20-2013, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
Only way I'm okay with 'Taker losing at Wrestlemania is if it's to Kane.. Not this year, but WM30..


Have Kane be in the final-2 at the Rumble against, say, Cesaro/Sandow... just as he's about to eliminate him and FINALLY win his first rumble, the lights go out.. they come back on and we see Undertaker standing behind Kane. Kane turns around and Undertaker throws him out setting up the rivalry one last time and giving Cesaro/Sandow the big push they need.

During various episodes of Raw up until Wrestlemania, when Kane or 'Taker are in a match, the lights go out and we hear the faint sound of an annoying high-pitched male voice.. On one episode we'll see a casket at the top of the rampway.

Finally, at Wrestlemania Kane and Undertaker have a casket match.. the end of the match would see Kane chokeslam 'Taker into the casket, and just as he reaches to close the lid.. 'Taker grabs Kane's arm and pulls him in.. the lights go out once again, as they have before on Raw.. we hear that same voice again say "Rest in Peace".. lights come up, two druids are standing beside the casket with Paul Bearer. The lid is closed resulting in a draw, and Paul Bearer "kills" the two men who have been abusing him. Kane becomes the first person to never lose to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and Undertaker still remains undefeated.

The next night on Raw, the Brothers of Destruction retire together....... Pete Rose comes out to poke fun at Kane for not being able to beat 'Taker in three tries. Kane gets ready to tombstone him, Rose turns around and runs into Undertaker who tombstones him instead.. then they both stand over his body.
Some of this sounds great, some does not.

I personally do not want Taker's streak to end. But if it were to end, it has to be to put over the next big thing. However, I do not see that person right now.

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