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02-20-2013, 10:22 AM
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That Bob skit is literally one of the greatest things ever. Love it.

I don't know how you can not like our crew, to me once you're in Philly long enough, you're a Philly guy, and sometimes they're like watching a game with your friends. They say what I'm thinking way too often, and they're just a lively, fun-loving crew.

I NEVER understood not loving JJ, dude is typically spot on and does a great job following the play. Again, watch other PxP guys...horrid. Even the great one, Emrick, flubs more than JJ.

Coatsey...I mean come on, he's like watching a game with your drunk uncle. He's not going to give you info like Pierre such as "I snuck through Claude Giroux's trash can before the game and noticed empty Totino boxes, expect that to affect his stamina," but he's going to entertain you and be made fun of.

Clement....I always felt until a few years ago Clement had a hatred for Philly still for being traded and always was against us, plus I was tired of him from the NHL video games, but he's really grown on me and is quite fantastic.

Keith Jones is good, but I agree with the earlier poster who said his head was getting a little big. Plus, to me, he looks like the distorted girls from this Major Lazer video:

Radio wise...Bundy is fantastic. I hated him as a player, but he is too good on the radio. I feel bad he's being hidden there and he needs more exposure, but I'm not sure I want to physically look at him. But his emotions are great.

Saunders is really good...different from JJ but I think they're both great. It's not comparable to Franzke versus McCarthy where I want radio to overthrow TV at all, but he is great.

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