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02-20-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by RampageNate View Post
What you'll get from Markstrom.

Consistency. He plays with confidence and never gets down on himself or the team after a bad goal or performance. He's huge and ridiculously agile for his height. He has a bit of a bugaboo with letting up rebounds, which is probably his one weakness. He's neither good nor bad at playing the puck.

The one thing I'll miss is his infectious attitude. He's borderline cocky, but in a good way. But most of all, this kid LOVES playing hockey. Whether it be practice or in games or even sitting on the bench, he has fun and is rarely seen not smiling.

I really hope he goes up and plays well enough to make the front office make a move with one of the other two. Like Strachan, he's paid his dues, worked his ass off, and proven that he belongs in the NHL.

I won't complain if Markstrom comes back to wear the silver and black, I am a Rampage fan after all, but I really hope this is the beginning of a long and successful NHL career.
Thanks for the rundown. I love the bit on his attitude.

I remember the last few times I saw him, he had some difficulty with controlling rebounds. Hopefully he can work on that up here and it doesn't burn him too much in the NHL.

Really looking forward to see how he does. I'm keeping my expectations in check as he learns the NHL game, but I'm excited to see him finally get his shot. Can't be much worse than what we've gotten anyways...

Hope the guys in front play well for him and he is able to stick with the team.

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