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02-20-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Sorry. That's not smart. That's total idiocy 'cause it's actually a COMPLETE turnaround from everything he has preached in the past oh so many years. Like somebody said, the only reason why he shuts up, is because we're 1st in the league. Only freakin reason. Tremblay is a pure egocentric idiot and knows NOTHING about hockey.

Whether we win or not, I will ALWAYS stand behind the fact that I did believe not enough effort was made towards the Q to get the best Q players. While the Q isn't getting the number of key players that the other leagues has, there are still players out there. And any organization would have, at least, give the same type of effort going to games, hiring great people but most likely listening to what those guys had to say come draft day (this was the ONLY good thing Tremblay said). I believe it will be made for the upcoming years so that we don't miss out on key players coming out of this league. Doesn't mean we'll draft all of them but we will be more open and that's great.

But Tremblay has always preached that the Montreal Canadiens NEEDS to have a lot of francos on the team. And that he prefers losing with francos than winning with none. (Of course, proof right there that he doesn't care about this franchise).
Couldn't agree more and like I said the fact that he has nothing to say now that were in 1st shows how pathetic RT is!

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