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02-20-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
First off, the WBC is gonna be a success next month, book it. It's been better each time since the first one, it's growing, it's great competition and a great festival of international baseball, nobody who tunes in is disappointed. The revenues go back to all the baseball and they don't have to deal with the vulgar and perfidious IOC (the corrupt ******** who snubbed baseball, and recently cut wrestling).

Second, EVERYBODY acknowledges the old WCH had problems, can you people please stop strawmanning it and referencing it as if a 2016 WCH will be the exact same as the 2004 event? It is seriously dishonest to do so.

The Euro leagues are a lot stronger than they were in 2004, it would not just be a "NHL show". Everybody can have a stake in it and the hosting can be spread around better especially if it's played in NHL pre-season (where the NHL is already sending NHL teams to open in Europe what's the difference in sending a international team??).
Wrestling hasn't been cut yet, it's only on the list so far and it's there simply because it's own doing. It's far more corrupt now than the IOC has ever been.

There's been no talk/rumors of it being hosted outside of North America so neither in media or by the fans here. Therefore it won't be better than in 2004 which was pretty much the lowpoint of the tournament.

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