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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
And you keep stating Tambo is the one that's an idiot.
yeah a flip of 1sts and a 30th place team defender who isnt great at defending, and a prospect likely not to be needed. for a 1st (perhaps later --but as a GM thats my fault if my team sucks and gives the other team a huge difference in draft position), a contending teams top RHD and a guy who has been excellent in a 4th line role RW position (umm who is our guy for that again?) yup.

I totally understand that many people dont watch other teams religiously but the Oilers...they arent very good. Stats are there for proof. Its not some anomoly that they are the worst team 5 on 5 in more than a decade ... anyone can see the defense cant defend other than a few and Petry --as much as i do like him-- is not part of the solution going forward. if you think he can return a better RHD than pitch it but i dont see that and the guy that is being taxed because of that weak side D is Justin Schultz who should IMHO (as big of an idiot as you allude me to be) be sheltered at least to the point where we have 2 other NHL calibre RHDs in that top 6 and one of which takes the hard shutdown mminutes by the truck full as his specialty. But you know, im just an idiot as you said...lets get some more visnovskys and see where that gets us lol.

If you laugh because Boston wouldnt accept 30th place team assets for a top d on a contender... than yeah i can see boston fans up in arms but frankly i think its fair and Boston might not accept it because --they like to win and Boychuk is solid-- but its close in value IMHO.

Also if you honestly think teams circle the oilers on their calendar--iother than to get tickets if they are from the area- you are kidding yourself. Most teams are sleeping when they play us. Edmonton doesnt get teams up. Boston on the other hand...they are circled by every team in the league. If you dont think thats a big difference to quality of players ... clap clap i guess.

Im not too sure if Oiler board posters get this but players who have success and do their job and have a trck record of ...winning... are normally valued more than guys who get time to post his numbers on a borderline AHL team. If its not for the PP thats where we are.

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