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02-20-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Exactly. We are winless against the Western Conference. We have also FAILED more than once per week since the season began. That is a terribly frequent occurence. FIVE times we were humiliated, one of which was in a shootout, the other four times the humiliation mercifully lasted only sixty minutes.

If not for the games where we scored more than our opponents, our winning percentage would be ZERO.

Another way of looking at it is this, which since we are in Montreal, is the only way of looking at things: how are we doing against Toronto? Again, this points to a season with a ZERO winning percentage.

Even if we look at the individual games, what we see is a disaster. The Habs are only able to score on a minority of their shots. Most of the time, the effort fails. In fact, in almost every game, believe it or not, these masters of futility have registered more icings than goals scored!!!!! That is pitiful.

Defensively, things are no better. Game after game, the opponents have been able to shoot on our net at least 17 times, sometimes over 30! And that is without counting the times they chose to shoot the puck at one of our defenders. How much longer can we go on scoring three goals per game while allowing an average of 25 shots against?????

Also, whatever limited success the club has is clearly the result of cheating. Not only have the officials penalized the club DOZENS of times, but according to the opposing team coaches, there were even additional infractions that went unnoticed. And, the truth be told, at least two of our goals this year were close to being offside, and several others were the result of the opposing goaltender missing the shot. We can't keep counting on such luck.

All in all, I am very pessimistic about this season. The only thing that gives me hope is that at the moment, we are still managing to be ahead of fourteen other teams, and they may not all have enough time to catch up to the points that the league has awarded to us up until now.
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