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02-20-2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by paul-laus View Post
Kookoo or Pelicans don't have a team associated with their organization going that far back in age group. I was just asking if there was 16 yr. old age group hockey that is the starting point of a team's feeder system. Pulkkinen, Rajala, Lekhonnen, etc. worked there way through their organizations system right? under 16- under 18- junior squad- to Mestis and SM-Ligga right?
As someone mentioned above, Pelicans' youth teams go by the name of Kiekko Reippas at the younger levels but it is basically the same organization. KooKoo's organization, based in Kouvola, goes down to the early youth levels as well - though stats may not be available for those ages. Also, in previous seasons the Finnish hockey website ( only listed C Junior (U16) stats for the SM-Liiga division (top division). Kouvola's team may have been demoted to either the second or third division and thus those stats would not have been available.

At the lower levels the season is basically three parts - with the first part of the year a qualifier to reach a given level. The second portion of the season is basically the regular season based on how you played in the first segment. And then playoffs follow (if I remember correctly there are also second tier playoffs for those teams that didn't make the actual playoffs). But it's been a couple of years so that may have changed.

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