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Originally Posted by Sam I Am View Post
Some people are completely delusional.

If the Avs could get Trouba alone for O'Reilly, they would be making out like thieves. Trouba is a blue-chip first-pairing type prospect. He is a hard-nosed shut-down defender who can join the rush and has a rocket for a shot. Seth Jones was not even the best defenseman on the US WJC team--Trouba beat him--and every other d-man in the tournament--hands down.

You figure that the Jets need to add a young, front-line forward like Little or Burmistrov as a throw-in?

Dream on.
Hey superstar...please read ANY of my posts and show me where I said that Wipaneg needs to accept it and like it.

Clearly, there is ZERO RISK with Trouba and he will develop into a superstar just like:

1995 - 3rd - Los Angeles - Aki-Petteri Berg
1995 - 9th - Boston - Kyle McLaren
1996 - 2nd - San Jose - Andrei Zyuzin
1996 - 5th - Dallas - Richard Jackman
1996 - 8th - Boston - Johnathan Aitken
1997 - 7th - Tampa Bay - Paul Mara
1997 - 9th - Washington - Nick Boynton
1998 - 4th - Vancouver - Bryan Allen
1998 - 5th - Anaheim - Vitaly Vishnevsky
1999 - 10th - NY Islanders - Branislav Mezei
2000 - 7th - Boston - Lars Jonsson
2001 - 7th - Montreal - Mike Komisarek
2002 - 12th - Washington - Steve Eminger
2003 - 21st - Boston - Mark Stuart
2004 - 3rd - Chicago - Cam Barker
2004 - 10th - Atlanta - Boris Valabik
2004 - 12th - Minnesota - A.J. Thelen
2005 - 9th - Ottawa - Brian Lee
2005 - 14th - Washington - Sasha Pokulok
2006 - 16th - San Jose - Ty Wishart
2007 - 4th - Los Angeles - Thomas Hickey
2007 - 10th - Florida - Keaton Ellerby
2007 - 15th - Edmonton - Alex Plante
2008 - 13th - Los Angeles - Colten Teubert

Yeah I'm CLEARLY delusional. All those teams that drafted these players, only 9 months later probably realized what a HUGE mistake they've made, right? Fans of those teams as well, were THRILLED with what these players were going to bring to their lineup in only a few short years....hey, just like you are right now!!! (guys like Hickey and Barker immediately come to mind)

I'm not saying Jacob Trouba is certainly going to end up on this list because I personally believe he will not. However, just like all of these players, who's team's scouting staff spent HOURS & HOURS figuring out if they are the right pick or not and eventually it ended up being 'not', there is NO GUARANTEE that Trouba will meet his potential. Mike Komisarek was also considered at one time to be a blue-chip, can't miss prospect.

You can say, "we believe he's going to be a franchise player and we're not going to trade him" and that's fine. However, to call me delusional because THAT'S the player I've targeted in exchange for one of our best young & proven players is flat out wrong because of the inherit risks with young players involved as I mentioned above.

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