Thread: Speculation: It's Time to Tank: Who Gets Moved
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02-20-2013, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Howboutthempanthers View Post
If you're going to have a bad season, this is the year to do it, especially for the Panthers. This draft is a good time to have a high pick. And also, the Panthers are not close to winning a cup, they are still in rebuilding mode. I'm not saying tank, I hate to lose too. But don't go trading away assets that will only result in getting a lower draft pick. Because it's little chance we're going to make the playoffs without a MAJOR overhall to the lineup, which will require giving away a whole lot of picks and prospects. Which is something I for one, would be horrified to see. And also I'm fine with them taking their time with Markstrom. Again outside of trying get a lower draft pick I don't see the point in rushing that proccess. He will probably see some time this season anyway so I'm not impatient. Plus he will definitely see time next season so it's no big deal whatever time he gets with the Panthers this year.
Agree with all of it. The biggest possible move for Tallon is Weiss. TSN Insider trading reporting Dan Boyle could be on the block. Link here:

He will be 37 in July, signed through 2013-14 at $6.6million avergaing 50pts for the last 6 out of 7 years. I feel he's too old now to fit in our plan moving forward.

Ryan O'Reilly should be our prime target if Weiss is leaving. I know the kid is 22 and wants a multi-year at $5million but that's what Weiss would want as well. The upside is O'reilly is a younger and improved version of Weiss also being 8 years younger. I would just love to see a #1 and #2combo of O'reilly and Bjugstad for years to come. Matthias has shown he's capable of the 3rd line duties but needs a new contract at the end of this year. We have many prospects at Center to fill out the 4th line role.

I'd be sad to see Weiss go because I feel he stayed through it all, was very consistent offensively and defensively for years but never got the respect from the league he deserved. He's having a rough time this season with this apparent injury and wish him nothing but sucess wherever he plays even if it's back in a Panther jersey next year. He is a solid 2-way Center that could easily fit in under the #1 Center on any team. Maybe Weiss isn't in Tallon's plan moving forward. The next 2-3 weeks will dictate alot of what will happen with Weiss.

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