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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
You disagree with me yet you're not too familiar with Trouba?
You don't usually just read two words and then shake your head right? I clearly disagreed with you on principle that it isn't a top priority for this team to acquire a redundant player like Little, and an unproven prospect.

I'm not terribly familiar with Trouba. Apparently you guys have seen all his games so maybe you can enlighten me. I was under the impression he was a very good shutdown guy with some offensive upside. I got corrected saying no, no, not at all. He's a shutdown guy with a wicked slapper. Sounds the same to me.

Maybe you can set the record straight to what he is, and what he projects to be, because I don't see a strong need for a guy like that, and an easy way to get burned in a trade if they end being a solid NHL defensive defensman that puts up 25 points on a season. Not to mention we have Siemens who sounds like he plays a very similar role.

Why wouldn't we be going after skill players if we're giving up O'Reilly? These defensive or two way types are much easier to find via UFA or trade than a player like MDZ.

Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
I don't think the Rangers would move Miller or Kreider. They stood fast when CLB asked for them in the Nash deal. They are very high on both.
Kreider maybe, but the rumored last offer to Columbus for Nash at the deadline last year included Miller. The final deal was basically the same, except instead of Miller and Christian Thomas, it was Anisimov.

Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
You were the one saying you never seen him get burned. It's possible you have a different definition of what getting burned is than the one I use.

I guess it's easier if I just post a clip. People can make up their mind if del Zottos skating was a problem here (start of a shift too, so he wasn't exhausted) or if he got burned or not.

He may have been skating the wrong way and had to turn around, or maybe you're right and he isn't a speed demon. NYR Boyler87 is right though, I don't think that's a fair clip to post to prove this. Did you see how lightning fast Cole was skating there? I'm not even sure Duchene could have caught him on that play. I didn't even know Cole had that kind of speed anymore after all his injuries.

Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
Those are the ones we actually have a chance at, I would add Horton to this list, Bozak and MacArthur are third liners but we also need a third line LW on top of a third line center. Clowe is way to old for this team.
How is Clowe too old for this team? He's only 30, and this team desperately needs some veteran leadership. Especially with Hejduk's likely retirement, and ROB and possibly other defenseman's departures this summer.

Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
Posted this a couple of pages back TPS, but didn't want you to miss it, your response would be interesting on this matter.

A Bruins fan on the Trade Board pointed me in the direction of a Twitter ran by a Mr. Dominic Tiano, who apparently does the following, according to his Twitter Bio: "Cover the OHL's draft eligible players for the NHL Draft for OHL Writers and In the O Radio", here's some of his Tweets on the matter.

What I find interesting is supposedly the Bruins are the team that he'd "like to play for one day" as stated in the above Tweet. So again, something that apparently got overlooked. This Dom gentleman is to the Bruins board what you are for us....if you just want to respond w/ a simple "Yes" or "No" that'd be fine as well
This sounds like the Yandle "rumor." Someone probably asked him if he'd like to play in Boston if he was traded there, and he said yea sure. That got cut into a sound byte, grew legs, and got turned into "Ryan O'Reilly/Keith Yandle/Whoever wants to play for the Bruins."

Originally Posted by The Mars Volchenkov View Post
Man, people are harsh on MDZ. He's a 22 year old defenseman. He isn't a finished product. Kulikov seems to be glorified on here, but he's got his own issues and isn't a finished product either. If we're trading for a young defenseman, they aren't going to be fully developed so be prepared to deal with some growing pains.
Seriously, it's like if it's not a home run return, people have to shoot it so full of holes there's nothing there at all. Kulikov has way more question marks, and concerns about what kind of finished product he'll be. Same with Bogosian. Not to mention an 18 year old prospect like Trouba who's never played an NHL game.

I didn't think this board was as bad as the rest of HF, where potential and draft picks vastly outweigh more proven talent. It's starting to grow quickly in that direction though.

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