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02-20-2013, 11:48 AM
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If the purpose of a World Cup would be to make money for the NHL/NHLPA and they'd get that via tv money from Canada (because I don't see NBC or any other US network paying much money for it) then what kind of message does that send to the European federations? That the tournament is meant for North Americans/Canadian fans? What incentive would the European federations have of even participating in such a tournament? I can easily see Russia turning down an invitation and with them out, others would soon follow. Do you pay the Europeans for their participation? Would the tournament generate enough revenue to cover that? We'd be easily talking about 7 or even 8 figure sums here (let's be real, Russians are not doing anything for cheap these days) for each federation. No tv contract would cover that. Not to mention the complete lack of prestige if the only way to get countries to participate in it would by paying them.

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