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02-20-2013, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
I'll give you an example. I wear 36"+2 Simmons Matrix 3 pads. I stand at 6' 3" at least, my legs make up most of that height. I need to wear 36" pads due to the knee pad placement on them. If it were just a regular 36" pad it would just reach the bottom of my pants and be difficult for me to close my five-hole. With the added +2 I ensure that no pucks sneak by my pad and pants and nail me in the thigh. With the added +2 I can also close my five-hole properly while taking advantage of my leg length. Even with the +2 my pads are not near my waist which seems to be what many are afraid of.

+1 just help shorter goalies close that five easier without exposing their thigh in the butterfly. When I wore Heaton's or McKenzie's I believe is what they were called, whenever I went down into my butterfly my thighs would be partially exposed. That's because they were not butterfly pads and now butterfly pads usually contain the +1 or +2 depending on the size of the goalie.
If you support thigh rises, then you support the notion that aspects of goalie equipment that serve no protective purposes and are designed solely for the purpose taking away net are okay. I guess that's where you and I disagree, which is fine.

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