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02-20-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
Tell me how the NHL did a better job in the Canada Cup/World Cup?
Keep going in circles buddy. As I've said before the mistakes of 2004 are widely acknowledged, assuming a 2016 tourney would repeat them is a dishonest strawman. Even the NHL is making better efforts to market to Europe with stuff like season openers there, why would they go back to the future and repeat an old mistake they know will just **** people off??

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
You just stated one of the exact reasons Europeans are against the World Cup format. If nations like Austria or Italy are capable of defeating Germany, then why should Germany automatically be in the tournament while Austria and Italy are automatically excluded? It's not a legit international competition in the eyes of Europeans as long as there is no qualification process.
Please, are we seriously gonna pretend Austria or Italy has a chance against teams full of NHL all stars just cuz they managed to scrape together more IIHF fairy points against other C-level teams? Germany has a team of NHLers and borderline NHLers of course they will put up a decent game against Canada/USA/Russia/Sweden while Austria will lose 12-0.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
It's the difference between NHL opening games played in Europe and Stanley Cup Finals played in Europe. 6-11 hours time difference between North American TV audiences and the game in Stockholm/Helsinki/Moscow that decides whether Team Canada is crowned World Champion or not.
So what it can be an evening game is Russia will air at Matinee times in Canada?

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