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02-20-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I'm not sure if that's a real solution though. You can't have a business and then for the sake of a bit of noise give up quite a bit of revenue per game.

I'm not real sure what the solution is. Maybe the team does designate an entire section of the the stands to just student rush? Maybe they raise the rush tickets from 20 bucks to 35 bucks, that way they are not giving up a ton of revenue in letting kids into the game. 35 dollars is still a hell of a deal to catch a contending team play. Lumping all the energy in one spot in the arena too would probably help the environment overall as all the chants and such would start from there.

This team started the student rush, and maybe it's time for them to take the program and revamp it. It still serves a purpose. It's a different purpose than 10 years ago, but it still serves one. You want to continue to grow the base of young fans because they are your future ticket holders some day.

And with this conversation of people talking about their experiences and how they don't particularly like sitting around people who are going ballistic at games, I can agree with that. I remember how me and my friends would get in the mid-2000's when we got liquored up and went to games. Myself today wouldn't want to sit anywhere near myself 7 years ago.
Then you run into the same problem - displacing STHs. As a STH I have no problem with student rush at all because I think the Pens give us a very generous discount, but I think if you start moving people from the seats they've paid for and have been sitting in for the last two seasons to accommodate student rushers who are getting tickets even cheaper you're going to get a lot of grumbling from STHs. And rightfully so, IMO. I like my seats and although I think the student rush program is great I'd be pretty pissed if I had to move because they randomly designated my section as the Student Rush Section.

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