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02-20-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
If the purpose of a World Cup would be to make money for the NHL/NHLPA and they'd get that via tv money from Canada (because I don't see NBC or any other US network paying much money for it) then what kind of message does that send to the European federations? That the tournament is meant for North Americans/Canadian fans? What incentive would the European federations have of even participating in such a tournament? I can easily see Russia turning down an invitation and with them out, others would soon follow. Do you pay the Europeans for their participation? Would the tournament generate enough revenue to cover that? We'd be easily talking about 7 or even 8 figure sums here (let's be real, Russians are not doing anything for cheap these days) for each federation. No tv contract would cover that. Not to mention the complete lack of prestige if the only way to get countries to participate in it would by paying them.
Why wouldn't NBC or NBC sports cover it, what else are they gonna put on in September? Who says it's just meant for North Americans? Just the usual NHL bashing malcontents here making up strawmen.

Why is MONEY such a bad thing? 7 figures to a national federation or small euro national league is a nice funding injection that can help support struggling franchises or other development programs. Is it better for hockey that this money that is generated by the pro hockey tournement leaves hockey when it goes to the IOC instead? What's offered to smaller euro nations besides MONEY is that they are not limited to IOC single host restrictions. You can have a Sweden vs Finland match in Helsinki, Czech vs Slovak match in Bratislava, Russia vs Germany in Munch, etc. So more accessable to actual hockey fans than Pyeongchang, South KOREA.

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