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02-20-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Myself today wouldn't want to sit anywhere near myself 7 years ago.
When I was acting like that I saw nothing wrong with it. Now going to games I look at the kids and go dear god that kids annoying. Than I realize I was prob worse

Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
Then you run into the same problem - displacing STHs. As a STH I have no problem with student rush at all because I think the Pens give us a very generous discount, but I think if you start moving people from the seats they've paid for and have been sitting in for the last two seasons to accommodate student rushers who are getting tickets even cheaper you're going to get a lot of grumbling from STHs. And rightfully so, IMO. I like my seats and although I think the student rush program is great I'd be pretty pissed if I had to move because they randomly designated my section as the Student Rush Section.
Yeah I fully understand getting moved isn't fair and isn't the best solution. Especially if they put up a student rush section and it doesn't change the atmosphere. Do you than switch back to the old system and say here are your seats back?

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