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02-20-2013, 12:15 PM
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I can see the Pens being interested in Cullen. He'd play wing of course, but he's fine at that.

Screw trying for a 2nd. The Pens have a surplus of strong d prospects: Maatta, Despres, Morrow, and more.

I would still like to see us move Clutterbuck. Imo, he's not going to be worth the contract he'll command, and he really does look a little worse each year. The way he plays, he's going to wear down. Pitt could really use a player like him as well.

Throw in Butch if possible. They really could use 2-3 decent wingers for different lines.

Cullen, Butch, Clutterbuck for their 2013 First and Despres.

Our kids get their spots and we open up a little room, which we need. Pens get players for 1st, second and third lines.

God I hope we do something like this...

This is better than having Cullen all over the lines, like he has been. WE don't need him moving forward. Butch is just being scratched now, so that's just a waste. Clutterbuck's spot will go to one of the many players fighting for a spot.

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