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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
And equipment that allows us to play our style
Totally unfair because every player has to use the same equipment and not change it up to make it work better for them right? Why does our equipment need to hinder us while a players equipment helps them skate faster, stop easier, shoot quicker and shoot more accurately.

When we switched from those heavy useless pillows to these sleek things of beauty, I rejoiced and don't know why other goalies wouldn't. "Oh know now I can stop more pucks and be able to play a full game, I really liked becoming useless in the 3rd", yeah I just don't see too many goalies saying that. And yeah lets use goalies from the 70's to use our example, because you know, goalies never change as time goes on. The butterfly may have started with them but Roy is known as the innovator, perfecting the butterfly and starting something that everyone here hates. Of course since Roy used the butterfly he's just a no name threatening records.
That's like claiming it's unfair to baseball players that corking their bats is illegal. The purpose of goalie pads is to protect from injury, NOT to protect the goal mouth.

Do you really want to use Roy as an example? He was the top goaltender in the NHL when he was still using the old '80s goalie equipment: He didn't need the huge equipment to be the top dog. All he really accomplished by pioneering the jinormous pads was bring comparatively mediocre goaltenders up to near his own level.

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