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02-20-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
Why wouldn't NBC or NBC sports cover it, what else are they gonna put on in September? Who says it's just meant for North Americans? Just the usual NHL bashing malcontents here making up strawmen.

Why is MONEY such a bad thing? 7 figures to a national federation or small euro national league is a nice funding injection that can help support struggling franchises or other development programs. Is it better for hockey that this money that is generated by the pro hockey tournement leaves hockey when it goes to the IOC instead? What's offered to smaller euro nations besides MONEY is that they are not limited to IOC single host restrictions. You can have a Sweden vs Finland match in Helsinki, Czech vs Slovak match in Bratislava, Russia vs Germany in Munch, etc. So more accessable to actual hockey fans than Pyeongchang, South KOREA.
Depends on the year. NBC has the EPL rights now, if there'd be games in Europe, there'd be overlapping and even Europeans would rather watch the EPL in September than World Cup. Plus there's Summer Olympics, athletics World Championships and FIFA World Cup/UEFA Euro Cup and what not that would have exhausted the sports medias and fans by then.

Nothing wrong with money but like I said, it's not realistic to expect the NHL to fork out such money and still finish on the plus. It's also fairly delusional to expect the NHL to allow the deciding games to be potentially hosted outside of North America and not be on tv in prime time.

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