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Andy Mac wasn't scoring. He needed Teemu to be successful. Honestly, right before the trade Andy Mac was playing like Cogliano when he first started here (not this season's Cogliano). Maybe even worse than that. He just didn't know what to do to create opportunities. Weight was a bad idea, but McDonald was almost just as bad at the time. Carlyle probably thought he couldn't get him our of his funk, plus wasn't there an issue with cap?

Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
I don't begrudge the McDonald trade. It kind of needed to happen based on the circumstances. There weren't a lot of other options once it got to that.

Where Burke screwed up is getting to that point.

1) Signing Bertuzzi vs a lower level insurance replacement for Selanne
2) Giving Bertuzzi a 1-year contract
3) Giving Bertuzzi less (he didn't really deserve that much coming off his season)
4) Signing Schneider vs a lower level insurance replacement for Niedermayer
5) Giving Schneider a 1-year contract
6) Revamping the offense to dump-and-chase on both lines vs having the thunder and lightning setup... putting McDonald in a position to fail
7) Demanding an ultimatum from Selanne or Niedermayer

Any one of those actions could have prevented the cap/tagging hell they ended up in. Basically Burke was gambling that Niedermayer was retiring, and he worked the budget that way. When Niedermayer returned, he ended up like 4 mill over.

well said.

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