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02-20-2013, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DevilChuk View Post
And I strongly disagree. You want the team playing well, not slipping into the playoffs because "Hey, this is how it happened last year and the same for the Ravens, Giants, Packers, etc."

People are going overboard these last few years with the runs that we've seen in the NFL and the run by both teams last year in the NHL. None of those teams got to the finals by just 'making the playoffs.'
And the Cardinals twice in baseball, nearly a third time. And the Flyers/Oilers going into June as low seeds since the lockout (Anaheim and Calgary just before that).

There's a reason you see more of these runs by lower seeds in every sport (sans the NBA) year after's called parity. Parity and more rounds of the playoffs mean the difference between the 'better' teams and lesser seeds is miniscule, and there are more chances to get tripped up with multiple rounds. This isn't the 1980's when the Islanders and Oilers were on a different planet than the rest of the league.

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