Thread: Proposal: Defensive Defensemen to MIN
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02-20-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
I think if you put up a poll on the Pens board on whether or not we'd be willing to give up Despres for Seto you'd find there wouldn't be many takers.

True on both accounts, but that doesn't mean they're desperate to trade a solid prospect for the first trade that comes along. It's not like most of those guys are knocking on the NHL door yet, some of them are in juniors. Shero has no need to make a desperation move.
SOME of your posters completely undervalue Seto. That's not my fault, that's yours. These same posters have also shown a complete lack of understanding about who and what he is as well. This does not make set posters look knowledgeable or reasonable. Seto has value.

I guarantee you that Shero, being a better judge of a player than some of these posters, will at least acknowledge that Seto is not this ******** drooling fool that some of these posters would have you believe. You guys don't want to trade Depsres for him? That's fair. But you DO NOT get to undervalue him the way you have, and seem reasonable or like you know what the hell you're talking about.

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