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02-20-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
these guys are playing a full contact sport, they should be expecting to be hit every time they're near the puck

at 8-9 seconds in of that video, Hossa looks around so he knows that there are 2 canuck players behind him, one within 3 - 4 feet of his current position behind him and to the right and he skates backwards towards Hansen and he should have expected Hansen to try and get the puck. While Hossa had the inside track on reaching it, I wouldn't expect any hockey player not to reach for it and then Hansen hit Hossa with his elbow, not on purpose but because he couldn't control the momentum that he used to get closer to the puck

if you look at 9-10 seconds of the video Hansen jumped to get his hand closer to the puck and it's of my firm belief that the following contact was an accident due to Hansen thinking he could have gotten the puck but falling short and ended up elbowing Hossa by accident
Agreed. The Hawks didn't even react as it looked just like a play you see all of the time.

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